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Diamond Wire Slicing
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Diamond Wire Slicing and Saws

Diamond Wire Slicing and Saws

Our slicing equipment is designed for and we only use diamond wire. We have single wire and multi wire saws designed to meet R&D slicing to larger production runs. Kerf loss is extremely low usually in the range of .230mm. We are very experienced in slicing to micron precision a variety of grown high value materials including hard or soft materials for many different applications. Our proven slicing process yields consistent results in terms of TTV, flatness and surface roughness. The diamonds in the wire consistently lap the parts being sliced throughout the cut and can reduce subsequent processing. In addition since parts are not sliced using slurry as we use only water to remove the slicing kerf, parts are cleaner often requiring no additional cleaning. We process many types of materials up to 330mm diameter.


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